Licorice Root Extract Drops (2 oz./bottle -  approx. 1,120 drops)

Licorice Root Extract

  • Bottle size: 2 fluid oz, approximately 1,200 drops.
  • One Drop (.05 ml) contains: Licorice Root Extract (Approx. 10.5 mg)



2 oz bottle $39.90

BioMatrix Licorice Root Extract supports the adrenal glands when cortisol levels are low. A primary compound in licorice root is glycyrrhizin (a substance that has a molecular structure similar to corticosteroids). As such, licorice root aids in hypoadrenalism by partially blocking the enzyme that converts cortisol to cortisone, thus sparing cortisol. BioMatrix licorice root is 100% organically grown and harvested.

A high-pressure liquid chromatography test of the plant is performed to determine the peak of botanical harvest. The compound is water-extracted within days of the harvest;

Active Ingredient Amount Right on The Label – Unlike most of the other liquid licorice root extracts available, this has the exact, assayed content of Glycyrrhizin per drop right on the label. This licorice root extract has 0.87 mg per drop which is high strength and ideal for precise dosing/titration. It’s important to know the assayed Glycyrrhizin content of your licorice root extract, not just amount of “extract”.

Value And Strength: Take Less Drops For Maximum Results – You don’t need to take 28-56 drops of this product. The potency in each drop enables you to use 8-10 drops 1-2 times per day for the results you want: Raising cortisol and reclaiming energy. Dosing varies according to individual needs, but most users take 8-10 drops morning and noon.

New Improved Formula - In 2020, biomatrix sourced an improved licorice root extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra) with 3X the strength of the active ingredient, Glycyrrhizin. The 10.5 mg of licorice root extract per drop contains the same amount of Glycyrrhizin as the previous version of the product (which contained 35 mg of extract per drop). There is no need to change the number of drops taken with this upgraded version of the product.

Stress Relief, Hormone Balance, Improve Mood – Low cortisol comes with many symptoms that take the energy and joy out of life. With this product’s active properties, cortisol levels are increased, and health can be improved in many ways.


Contraindicated in: High blood pressure, heart failure, kidney disease, liver cirrhosis and cholestatic liver disorders.

Licorice Root Extract– The Formula