BioMatrix Support

Since 1998, BioMatrix has formulated nutritional products that target chronic stress and related illness. Our purpose is to support clinicians who seek to diagnose and treat the root cause of health problems.

We've learned what products you like and why; as well as what you believe is missing from conventional nutritional formulas. Based upon independent research, as well as direct working relationships with clinicians and specialty manufacturers,we've identified the primary challenges facing dietary supplement production and nutritional therapy programs.

Two issues stand out:

  1. Many products intended for specific therapeutic applications do not make a consistently positive difference in health outcomes. While generally "helpful," they do not live up to their marketing claims. Despite manufacturers' representations, many products do not perform to the expectations of high-grade nutritional supplements, nor do they contain the co-factors, carriers, and substrates vital for optimal effectiveness.

  2. The lack of well-designed formulas with adequate ingredients often requires patients to purchase multiple products to serve a single functional goal. As a result, compliance is difficult to achieve. Affordability is a factor and patients often fail to follow complex dosing schedules.

BioMatrix addresses the issues encountered by clinicians everywhere: sub-optimal performance and costly, complex protocol recommendations.

BioMatrix: Distinctive Formulas & Applications

Science and clinical efficacy are foremost in each BioMatrix formula. The clinical application of each product is specific. Leaving no stone unturned, BioMatrix assures the quality of raw materials and excellence in manufacturing. Each product is manufactured in facilities that comply with virtually all FDA standards.

Supplements Alone Are Not Enough

In this toxic, stressful world dietary supplements alone are inadequate to prevent and reverse illness and disease. Clinicians must assess the health of the body's core functional systems (e.g. hormone, GI, detoxification), environmental considerations, and lifestyle factors (namely sleep, exercise, diet, and stress management). We encourage you to review this site's section on Chronic Stress.

Protocols Guided by Test Results

You may wish to use BioMatrix products as recommended on the label or based on your own treatment preferences. Many health professionals follow BioMatrix recommended protocols, in response to various functional laboratory test results.

The efficacy of BioMatrix protocols is supported by pre- and post- testing using functional lab tests in numerous clinical practices. BioMatrix relies upon clinical laboratory testing performed for health data to construct protocol guidelines, monitor the effectiveness of protocols, and validate clinical outcomes.

The Support Line

The BioMatrix Support line offers a select group of supplements formulated to support protocols guided by lab results. The functional intent of each product is inherent in its name. Accept no imitations. BioMatrix formulas are used by thousands of health professionals and their patients to manage and reverse the physiological dysfunctions created by chronic stress and related illness.

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